10 Foods To Avoid For Gout: Uric Acid Diet

10 Common Foods To Avoid With Gout May Help You Lose That Belly Fat

Foods To Avoid With Gout

If you have belly fat, you know how it makes you feel uncomfortable.  After awhile it also starts creating other problems too.

I have belly fat and I have kidney problems.  That’s not the greatest one-two punch you want to have.  The two partner up and make my life miserable sometimes.

Foods To Avoid With Gout

It really doesn’t take long for one health issue to start causing you a lot more problems.  I had a discussion with someone the other day and he told me I needed to exercise more.

You never like hearing the truth, especially when you are trying to avoid it, but he was absolutely right.  My kidney problems led to gout and that is a major problem in my big toes.

Foods To Avoid With Gout

I had to lean over my fence the other day and tell my neighbor I wasn’t a crazy person because I was walking in circles in my backyard (kind of like a car going in circles with no driver).

I kept hearing that conversation in my head that I had to exercise.  I don’t want to venture too far from home because my big toes might start a mutiny, so I improvised like a crazy person in the backyard.

Foods To Avoid With Gout

If you are a meat eater, you will have to really cut back on red meat, fish and organ meat (yum).  I am currently on a uric acid diet to help reduce any further risk to my kidneys.

The double edge sword is I am trying to find the quickest way to lose belly fat so my big toes stop barking at me.  High protein foods for weight loss are out of the question because my kidneys are damaged.

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