Can Women Lose Belly Fat Over 40?

Studies have shown that women struggle with weight loss over 40 more so than men, regardless if you were normal weight or obese.  Will the madness never end?

Best tips to lose weight

Obviously, the downside of all this is weight gain and depression.  Unfortunately, the problem compounds itself in several other ways.  You become the “Obsession Queen” and start researching the best foods to eat to lose weight.  And a couple of things start to happen:

  • You tend to become less mobile and your activity levels start to go way down
  • You now have time to think about it more and you to head for your comfort zone: F-O-O-D
  • You probably even tried antidepressants.  A lot of good they do.  These drugs usually make you gain more weight!
  • You’re probably at your wits end trying to figure out if there is any hope in sight

Did you ever see the movie “Ruthless People”?

  • It was an 80’s classic starring Bette Midler and Danny DeVito
  • Danny DeVito is a ruthless little &^%$* and when his wife (Bette Midler) gets kidnapped and held for ransom, he could care less
  • Bette Midler is chained up in the basement.  She plays the part of a bitch to perfection by taunting her captors
  • During her time as a hostage, she suddenly starts becoming more active after she finds out the captors have to ask for less money because Danny doesn’t want to pay anything to set her free
  • She goes from being overweight to looking much better during this hostage situation by riding a stationary bike and doing exercise

Why am I sharing this story with you?  If you saw the movie you’re probably smiling thinking about how funny this movie was.  Or you plan on renting it now to see what I am talking about.  For that brief moment you took your mind off your depression.  I brought up this movie because Bette Midler TRANSFORMED herself.

  Best tips for weight loss

She got up and started doing something for herself.  She figured out the best tips to lose weight and it really worked!  You may only start with baby steps and that okay – it’s a start.

Since we’re going “Old School” here, it seems appropriate to bring up an 80’s icon, Billy Idol.  If you have an iPod or MP3 or MP4 player, go to iTunes and buy Dancing With Myself.


Best tips to lose weight

Give yourself a dance floor atmosphere and start dancin’.  I hope you smile and have fun.  Movement is a great way to stop thinking about your depression over weight gain.

Oh dancing with myself

Oh dancing with myself

 Well there’s nothing to lose

 And there’s nothing to prove

 I’ll be dancing with myself

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