BMI For Women: Obesity Levels Above 30

Entry Into A Romantic Partnership Is Associated With Obesity

Correct Me If I Am Wrong, But Does The Part Of The Wedding Vow, “In Sickness And Health” Mean It Is Acceptable To Increase BMI In Women After Marriage?

BMI For Women

Authors from the study of almost a half of million participants wanted to find out if couples gained significant weight after a couple of years of marriage.

They found that married couples were twice as likely to become obese as couples that were just dating.  So much for the sanctity of marriage, right?

But why was this happening?  It’s pretty simple.  There’s little reason to impress your mate.   Here are a couple of theories as to what normally happens:

  • Meals become more important than exercising
  • Getting into tight fitting outfits don’t have the same significance anymore
  • Both mates seem to put on a lot of weight together

Hold on there unmarried couples.  You’re not exactly off the hook either.  The same phenomenon happens when young, unmarried couples move in with each other.

BMI For Women

Women just never get a break.  It was found that unwed women had almost a two-thirds higher chance of developing obesity than unwed men who lived together within the first 5 years.

Is it possible to be healthy and be obese at the same time?  Sure it’s possible, but the odds of that being the case are slim (sorry for the pun).

If there are significant changes to your weight, it could be a lot more serious than moving in with your boyfriend or husband. 

Make sure you schedule a doctor’s appointment and find out if there are any issues you are dealing with like the typical signs of diabetes in women.

So what should you do next?

  • First of all, watch for the telltale signs of eating more and exercising less.  That ring on your finger is not a license to give up leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • Second, if you are gaining a lot of weight and your BMI number is skyrocketing, consult your doctor.  You may have an overactive thyroid gland.
  • And third, accept responsibility for your situation.  If it is health related, take care of it immediately.  If you are getting lazier, turn the TV off and get back to the gym or walk around the block


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Don’t fall prey to the nasty consequences of obesity and high blood sugar symptoms.  An increasing BMI for women is a serious issue.

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