Diets That Work For Women & Top 10 Diets

Diets That Work For Women Are Achievable If You Plan Correctly.  Here are the 10 Rules you must follow if you are going to succeed:Diets That Work For Women

Rule 1:  Identify the time you are wasting during the day so you can have more quality time for you (TV, Talking on the phone, Going to the store more than once, etc.)

  • Rule 2:  Write journal entries for a week on exactly all the things you ate, how you were feeling and if you were hungry or just bored
  • Rule 3:  Shop at farmer’s markets or join a CSA (community supported agriculture).  Farmers sell shares of their crops to the community and it’s FARM FRESH
  • Rule 4:  If you have kids, get them involved with meal preparation.  Kids love to help and they will feel a sense of responsibility if they have to cook healthy meals
  • Rule 5:  Stop using the “Celebration” excuse for eating bad food
  • Rule 6:  Set an example for your family.  You may be putting on extra pounds, but you don’t want to do this to your kids by eating junk food
  • Rule 7:  You won’t make wholesale changes in a week.  Try to use the “BAD, BETTER, BEST” approach.  Wean yourself off of the really bad cholesterol foods first and start working your way to much better foods
  • Rule 8:  Pick a diet you will like and find foods that keep you HAPPY, HAPPY!
  • RULE 9:  It doesn’t matter what you’re situation is, you can find a way out to get healthy and fit
  • Rule 10:  Don’t think you can lose 30 pounds in 30 days without doing some extreme, crazy stuff

This is part of the strategy for diets that work for women.  You may only be able to steal a little time for yourself everyday, but it is extremely important.

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When you’re stressed out you will do naughty things like eat junk food, or say you’re going to eat better (and you don’t).  What kind of person do you want to be?  This is deeply personal and only you can take the first step by starting diets that work for women.

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