Will I Ever Get Skinny To Shop For Clothes

Is Losing Your Mindfulness Like Losing Your Virginity?

Are you always telling yourself, “I need to lose weight fast” and yet it never seems to happen?

If you are battling problems with obesity, chances are you have lost something called mindfulness. What is mindfulness?

Diets That Work For Women

Imagine yourself shopping in the best stores in New York, Rome and Paris for an outfit that makes you look and feel super-sexy. You can’t wait to go out and show everybody how great you look, right?

Mindfulness is an interesting concept. You are very aware of everything that is happening right now in the moment.

You view your actions from a distance without deciding that they are good or bad. You don’t live in a state of: Diets That Work For WomenYou love the moment and you cherish the experiences you are having right now. Is this the way you feel right now? You’re probably telling yourself, “I’ve failed at everything to lose weight”.

Let’s examine your trips to the supermarket. Close your eyes for a second. Imagine going into your favorite supermarket. What is the first thing you see?

I checked out 10 different supermarkets in my area and you know what I found? I saw the “produce aisle” instantly staring at me (only kidding). I was really staring at a junk food bonanza at every store.

You’re first thought is, “WOW that’s a great price”. I think I’ll get me some. Twenty minutes into your shopping, you probably packed your shopping cart with all kinds of unimaginable crap.

Goodbye Shopping Trip To New York, Rome And Paris

You have it so ingrained in your head that you need this or that. Now you bring all this junk home and stock your pantry, “just in case”.

“Just In Case” always comes sooner than you care to admit, right? During times of emotional crisis, the part of your brain that is in control is your emotional brain.

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