Will I Ever Get Skinny To Shop For Clothes

Diets That Work For Women

Your emotional brain is great. It allows you to head for your comfort zone. For just about anybody battling obesity that is usually food.

How Do You Overcome This Lack Of Mindfulness?

Will well-balanced meals make a difference? Sure, they can make all the difference in the world, but when you have stocked your refrigerator and pantry with junk food, “good luck”.

You know that junk food is there and you are going to eat it. Your brain is hard-wired to accept the food when it is there.

An emotional crisis comes, boom, you head for the refrigerator. A bad day at work, boom, you reach for your secret stash of candy bars. Ahhh! Now you feel better, right?

You aren’t going to stop this attack quickly, but if you apply “mindfulness” to your daily routine, you are likely to eat less and not binge as much.

Studies have shown women love to eat junk food late in the afternoon. Is this your weak moment?

Why bother with all of this stuff? When you are living in the moment, you are able to recognize and control bad eating habits. The process becomes much easier as you go along.

Everybody says they want to lose weight. That’s great, but shopping for hot clothes is a lot more appealing. That’s what you really want isn’t it?

Who do you want to be? You can be the woman who says, “I can’t do it” or do you want to be the “Couture Queen” of New York, Rome and Paris?

Keep that vision of New York, Rome and Paris in your head the next time you grab that junk food at the supermarket. Slow down and allow your logical brain to call the shots, not your emotional brain. And there are diets that work women that are easy to follow.


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