Do I Have Depression Because I Am Obese

Here are 5 things you can focus on to start learning new habits and establishing better eating habits:

  • Figure out what you are eating why you are eating.  This will take a little time to discover patterns in your behavior.  Pay particular attention to times you reach for comfort food
  • Reduce the amount of food you are eating.  If you eating 20% more calories, that means you are eating about 400 extra calories more than you should
  • Take care of the depression you are experiencing.  If you don’t, you will have little success trying to lose weight
  • Get a support team for your depression and weight loss.  Be honest with your family and friends.  Your support team is crucial to your success
  • Bring in a psychologist to get help for depression so can you understand why you are feeling guilty and depressed.  Even the most disciplined women have bad days

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During those times when you are feeling especially vulnerable, the part of your brain responsible for these actions is your emotional brain. 

Think about it.  Where do you always turn to in times of emotional stress or depression?  You head directly for your favorite comfort food.

Double Depression

Do I have DepressionYou may not always be hungry, but your emotional brain is more than happy to direct you in that direction. This is a direct effect of double depression (obesity and depression).

Treating your obesity health risks also comes into play.  Can you pick one over the other?  No, not really.  Weight loss will usually fail until you feel good about your chances.

Exactly how long does depression last?  This all depends on how sad you feel.  Also, the energy you use up worrying doesn’t help either.

Take baby steps at first.  You won’t be able to change things in a hurry.  Your supporting cast needs to understand what you are going through so they can provide you with positive thoughts and encouragement.

Don’t try to take too much on at one time otherwise you will continue to ask yourself, “Do I have depression”?

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