Fast Weight Loss Tricks To Lose Belly Fat

Next Time You Go To The Supermarket, See How Many Magazines List “Fast Weight Loss Tricks” Or “Easy Tips To Lose Weight”

Making sense of anything that has to do with diets isn’t that simple, is it?  Look at a fewof the diet choices you can choose from when you have to lose weight:

  • Vegetarian Diet Plan For Weight Loss
  • Protein Diet For Weight Loss Loss
  • Metabolic Syndrome Diet
  • Gluten Free Diet Weight Loss
  • Chromium Weight Loss
  • Fish Oil Weight Loss
  • The Glycemic Load Diet
  • Whey Protein Diet
  • And 1000’s More Variations

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Okay, I have to stop now because my head is spinning with all these choices.  Actually, none of these diets is bad.  The question is, “which one is right for you”?

The choices at the extremes are the raw food diets and the protein diets.  Nobody seems to like the middle where “balanced meals” just aren’t sexy enough.

Why are we so fixated on fast weight loss tricks all the time?  You know what the end result will be.  That’s right, 3-6 months later you get back on the hamster wheel again because you are looking for easy tips to lose weight.

Fast Weight Loss Tricks Are A Dime A Dozen And Finding Easy Tips To Lose Weight Are Staring You In The Face At The Supermarket…

Question:  Can you guess when people really started packing on the pounds?  It was in the late 1970’s to early 1980’s.


Low fat diet foods started making a big push for your attention.  It was a miracle after all.  Little or no fat meant you could eat whatever you wanted, right?

No so fast Sparky…

Without naming names, low-fat diets really don’t work for a lot of people according to many studies. Low-fat diets tend to be high in carbohydrates that mostly contain rapidly digested white flour, white rice and refined snacks. 

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