Fast Weight Loss Tricks To Lose Belly Fat

Here is an example from the ingredients list of a product from one of the largest commercial diet companies:

Fast Weight Loss Tricks

This dessert product only has 160 calories, but the company isn’t discouraging you from satisfying your sweet tooth. 

Before you jump in say these diet plans work, I won’t disagree with you.  Undoubtedly, these big commercial diet companies have helped plenty of people. 

Why is it that they never publish the number of people who restart the program?

You’ll never really change your eating lifestyle when you know you can rely on processed foods instead of healthy snacks for weight loss.

Won’t “Fat-Free” or Low-Fat” Foods Help Me Lose Weight?

Most people really don’t find low-fat diets to be satisfying.  Within a couple of hours of eating, people get real hungry for more low-fat food to curb their appetite.  Sadly, the end result is usually the same for most people.  You gain weight.

“Low-Fat” and “Fat-Free” are tricky in their deception.  More often than not, these foods are typically higher in starch, salt and sugar because the manufacturers have to add flavor to make up for the fat they took out. 

It’s safe to say the following example doesn’t come under the category of healthy salad dressing recipes. Take a look at the label for this “Fat-Free” salad dressing and see how many calories there are for sugar compared to the regular salad dressing:

Fast Weight Loss Tricks

The truth is rarely revealed in a simple label like the “Lite” version.  In addition to having more sugar than the regular version, all those extra chemicals have to be processed by the liver. 

This is no different than dumping 5 pounds of sugar in you car’s gas tank.  Your car’s engine will hate you for doing this.

The argument you’ll get from people who disagree with this premise is “but look at the difference in calories.”  The first question you need to ask yourself is “where is the sugar going?”  It doesn’t magically disappear just because it’s called “lite.”

If your goal is to lose weight fast in a week, you may be disappointed.  The Mayo Clinic recommends losing no more than 1-2 pounds per week.  But when you add it up, you could be up to 24 pounds lighter in 3 months.

These were two very simple examples.  Remember, fast weight loss tricks are a dime a dozen and finding easy tips to lose weight  are all around you, but make sure you read the labels too!

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