Can Good Cholesterol Foods Beat Obesity?

What Is The Impact Of Good Cholesterol Foods On Obesity?

Good Cholesterol Foods Are “Heart-Healthy” & “Diabetes-Friendly”

Good cholesterol foods typically represent healthy foods that help maintain cholesterol at normal levels and balance blood sugar levels so the risk for diabetes and heart disease are reduced.    

 If your diet consists primarily of bad cholesterol foods, your risk of developing metabolic problems like diabetes and heart disease go way up.

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A study conducted in Brazil showed that women who ate saturated fat foods were more likely to increase their body size because they weren’t exposed to very many of the best foods to eat to lose weight. 

There’s no secret that eating the wrong foods will lead to obesity and the major risk factors that go along with it.  The goal is to eat more good cholesterol foods that are plant-based (fruits and vegetables).

Which Good Cholesterol Foods Should You Choose?

The secret that many good cholesterol foods have is their ability lower risks for heart disease and blood vessel disease (good antioxidant properties).  Here is a short list of good cholesterol foods that have terrific properties to slow down diseases:

  • Raw, unsweetened cocoa (lowers cholesterol)
  • Garlic (raises good cholesterol “HDL”)
  • Onion (raises good cholesterol “HDL”)
  • Red wine (lowers bad cholesterol “LDL”)
  • Green tea (blocks the absorption of bad cholesterol “LDL”)
  • Avocado (lowers bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol)
  • Quinoa (speeds up fat metabolism)

If you’re not crazy about eating these foods, perhaps you would like to try a product that comes from the bark of East Indian trees.  Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?  Chances are you’ve had this spice plenty of times.  It’s cinnamon!  Unlike the foods just mentioned, cinnamon doesn’t really affect your cholesterol levels much.

In cinnamon weight loss studies, it has been shown that this flavorful spice does have a very positive effect on reducing risk factors for heart disease in Type 2 diabetic patients.

Why All The Talk About Good Cholesterol Foods?

You’re probably not facing obesity if you eat a balanced diet containing healthy proteins, carbohydrates and even good fats.  Obesity brings on a lot of problems because of the food you eat.  Here’s a simple illustration that can lead to some bad consequences:

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