Bad Saturated Fat & Good Cholesterol Foods

Good Cholesterol Foods Are Generally Made By Nature

How often do good cholesterol foods get a bad rap? Not too often, right?  But did you ever think about whether saturated fat is bad for you or the processed foods you eat are clogging your arteries? 

Trans-Fat Foods Are No Substitute For Good Cholesterol Foods

Did you know that one third of children and adolescents are overweight or obese  in the United States?

 That shouldn’t surprise you at all.  Food and beverage companies bombard us all the time with products that contribute to obesity.

 Food companies know you love calorie-dense, nutrient poor foods and beverages because they appeal to your love of junk food.

 How often do you see commercials for healthy food?  Not too often, right?  You aren’t likely to see a list of low GI foods (fruits and vegetables) advertised on TV very often.

Good cholesterol foods

Good cholesterol foods are not the moneymakers for large corporations, junk food is.  Psychologically, you don’t stand a chance.  Just drive down a busy road where you live and what do you see?

 There are approximately:

  • 13,000 McDonalds
  • 12,000 Burger King
  • 7,000 Wendy’s

The list goes on and on with other fast food joints that could easily top hundreds of thousands of locations.

Good cholesterol foods don't cause clogged arteries

 Can you see why weight loss camps for kids have become so big?  Diets for teenage girls are rapidly becoming a big business because of all the junk food out there.

I loves me some math to prove a point (and I suck at math).

 So what would the impact of junk food have on your weight over the course of the year?

 Let’s start with an example of an “ITTY BITTY” piece of harmless candy – a miniature peanut butter cup.  If you ate only one miniature peanut butter cup a day for 365 days per year, you would have consumed (drum roll, please):

3.7 pounds of sugar

 But, let’s be honest here.  Do you really think you are going to stop at one tiny peanut butter cup?  Nope, it just ain’t gonna happen. 

 Just think how easy it is to unconsciously eat 5 or 6 miniature cups in a day, especially if you aren’t focusing on foods to reduce belly fat.

 Here’s the rub on eating sugar.  Sugar isn’t automatically turned into fat so you aren’t going to gain 3.7 pounds in one year from eating miniature peanut butter cups.

 But sugar is chemically changed to fat if you exceed your daily intake of recommended calories.

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