Healthy Snacks Can Mean 25 Less Pounds

So here’s 446 calories you might have everyday.  It doesn’t really matter what you chose, but let’s assume you find 446 calories to eliminate from your daily calorie intake.

446 calories x 365 day = 162,790 calories/year

Remember from the video above:Healthy snacks for weight loss

So if we do a little division here:

162,790 calories/3,500 = 46.51 pounds

Can you actually lose all 46.51 pounds in a year by following this logic of giving up a bagel and a caffe latte?  This would be true only if you consistently burned more calories each day than what you took in.

This example also assumes you’re eating good cholesterol foods (fruits and vegetables mainly) and not living off of bad cholesterol foods.

Do you have to suffer and give up your favorite foods?  No!  But you should think about giving up 200-500 calories per day.   Sign up for your FREE 20-minute phone consultation by entering your name and email in the upper right-hand corner of this screen. 

Don’t wait!  Start choosing healthy snacks for weight loss today.

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