High Protein Low Carb Foods & Body Fat %

How Are You Suppose To Get Fruits And Vegetables On A High Protein Low Carb Foods Diet?

Raise your hand if you think high protein low carb foods can help you lose weight naturally and fast, but you crave junk food too much?

I don't eat high protein low carb foods

 Are High Protein Low Carb Foods The Answer?

Don’t worry you’re not alone.  If you’re overweight or obese, high protein low carb foods probably aren’t your biggest concern – junk food is because:

  • It messes with your head when you fear the embarrassment of social interactions or you get depressed when you just went on an eating binge.
  • You put yourself harm’s way when you’re not choosing foods to eat to lose belly

It’s very frustrating when you are trying to lose weight and POW!

Not good with high protein low carb foods

This uncontrollable URGE smashes into you and you abandon any logic about eating.  People who don’t have this problem just don’t understand.

I bet you’re one of the 99.9999% of people who want to find out how to lose belly fat naturally and would love to solve this dilemma – the answer may lie in high protein low carb foods!

 I hear you because I am one of those people.  It’s unexplainable and it’s absurd to think you can just stop like that and starting eating high protein low carb foods after a steady diet of junk food. 

Can't accept high protein low carb foods for chocolate

How many times have you tried and failed, right?

 The $1million dollar question is how do you help yourself?  Work is being done to recognize eating disorders before someone gets to the obese level. 

 Even though this doesn’t immediately help you if you are obese, it provides some valuable insight into things you can do.  Take a second and answer this 2-question eating disorder quiz

  • Do you eat at regular intervals during the day?  Or do you eat a few very large meals everyday?
  • Do you feel guilty about eating more?  And do you make up the difference with a couple of very large meals instead?


If you eat several large meals because you feel guilty because you want to be on a diet to reduce weight, the problem is you’re emotional brain is to blame.

You can try to reason with your emotional brain, but eating high protein low carb foods really isn’t a priority 

The good news is it’s not too late to reverse your bad eating habits and learn how to reduce body fat.  Your emotional brain loves to be in charge, but you can use reverse psychology to beat your emotional brain at its own game.

  • You’ve been preconditioned by your emotional brain to think “I gotta have food and I gotta have it now”!  That’s because you load up on really bad stuff and this throws sugar levels out of whack
  • For a very brief time you feel okay because your blood sugar level is busting at the seams

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