High Protein Low Carb Foods & Body Fat %

It’s not a matter if that “crash” is gonna happen, but when that “crash is gonna happen…

 Keep in mind, you may not crash like people would lead you to believe, but your blood is never fooled.  Your body tightly controls the blood sugar levels up and down.

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But you have CHOICES!  When you start believing in a mantra like, “I want to lose 20 pound”

  • You can make great strides by following a plan that doesn’t mess with your blood sugar levels like junk food does
    Your emotional brain will not hold this power over you if you keep stoking it routinely during the day with healthy snacks for weight loss

Your emotional brain is sneaky and it knows you love living in that “COMFY ZONE” where it is easy to manipulate you.

But balancing your sugar levels will do 2 very important things for you:

  • It satisfies the emotional brain with a healthy environment to survive in
  • The frequency of you junk food attacks will slowly begin to go away and allow you to lose weight naturally

 If you’re serious about getting help, sign up for your 20-minute phone consultation in the upper right-hand corner of this screen.

Binge eating help is right around the corner when you start trading in your junk food diet for more sensible high protein low carb foods that can help you to lose weight naturally and fast?

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