How To Become Slim Is Just A Pipe Dream

I’ve desperately tried to learn how to become slim with little success.  Needless to say, it has its consequences if you don’t find a way sooner or later. 

Question:  Have you ever been literally at the brink of death and didn’t even know it?  Well, I have.

I walked into the emergency room a couple of years ago after visiting a doctor-supervised weight loss clinic.  I had tried so many things up this point and failed miserably.

I figured I’d give this weight loss clinic a try since I tried everything else under the sun.  I thought the accountability would be good for me and I hoped it would be the quickest way to lose belly fat.

How To Become Slim – Are You Kidding Me?

Once I arrived for my first visit, the nurse took my blood pressure.  She looked concerned and said she would be right back.  I knew something was up.

How to become slim

A few seconds later, the doctor comes in and takes my blood pressure.  She told me I needed to go to the emergency room immediately. 

The look on their faces was all I needed to know I was in deep &^%$

The nurse at the emergency room takes my blood pressure, but she couldn’t get a reading.  She took it 3 more times and got the same result.  My blood pressure was so high they couldn’t even get an accurate reading.

The nurse told me I was a “DEAD MAN WALKING”.  Now you would think I would be a little concerned about all of this dastardly news.  Oddly enough I was at peace with it.

Dead Man Walking

 I finally got caught and my life was in the doctors’ hands.  I never worried about it, but that was the problem.

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