How To Become Slim Is Just A Pipe Dream

I basically tried everything I could do to learn how to become slim:

By the way, none of these works when you cheat all the time like I did!

When I was a kid, the coaches would joke and say “rub some dirt on it and take a lap”. 

No dirt rubbin’ or lap runnin’ was gonna fix this problem

I was like a rock star at the hospital.  They had never seen someone with blood pressure that high who didn’t stroke out.  That’s not exactly how I wanted to achieve “rock star” status.

So for 2 years I ate much better and lost some weight.  I provided a nice counterbalance to the healthy eating with a generous supply of junk food.

That’s pure genius, isn’t it?

My blood pressure was under control thanks to a handful of blood pressure medications I was taking twice a day.  Not exactly M &M’s if you know what I mean.

Handful of pills

Over the course of the next 2 years, I weighed just about the same as when I went to the emergency room.  I guess I had no clue how to become slim!

I don’t need to remind you that I’m not a cat and I don’t have 9 lives.  I’m not sure what I was thinking.  I always considered myself an intelligent person, but recently I got my bachelor’s degree in S-T-U-P-I-D-I-T-Y.


A couple of things finally got my attention.  The big one was a conversation I had with my kidney doctor.  He said, “You might need a kidney transplant”.

Hello, my wake up call just smacked me in the face.   Okay, you’ve got my full and undivided attention now.

If you’re saying to yourself “what an idiot he was”, I would have a hard time disagreeing with you at this point.

Like me, you’re probably scared of what your weight is doing to you.  You can hang out and find out devastating news like I did or you can take a closer look at your situation and actually do something about it.

I don’t recommend getting slapped in the face to find out you have a serious problem.

Your life may be at stake like mine was.  Sign up for your FREE 20-minute phone consultation in the upper right-hand corner of this screen.  Don’t wait!  It is not a pipe dream to learn how to become slim!

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