Let Me Lose Belly Fat And Let Me Dance

I Have This Wonderful Dream Of Winning “Dancing With The Stars”

I wake up every morning and turn on my iPod.  I dance around the bedroom in my bare feet and move gracefully to the music.

Every morning I dance and every morning I get sad after the music stops.  I get so depressed because I know I can’t fit into a pair of Manolo Blahnik Pointy Toe Pumps and dance the night away.

I am tormented by the weight I have gained, but I just can’t seem to lose any of it.  I find myself eating more when I am depressed and I just cry.

I realized I didn’t have a plan that would work for me.  I began to wonder if my depression was causing the obesity or if the obesity was causing the depression.

I was never going to realize my dream of dancing the hottest nightclubs if I didn’t find a way out of this mess.  I tried everything from starving myself to eating only proteins.

As you can guess, these short-term fixes never lasted.  I had success for a month or two and then I gained the weight back and more.

Let me lose weight

Not only was I depressed, but I knew my weight issues were going to cause me health problems too.  Suddenly I had an epiphany after reading an article on depression and weight gain.

I was going about this all wrong.  I would launch into a diet plan because it was one of the top 10 diets and it didn’t matter to me as long as I lost weight.

This article I was telling you about talked about treating the depression first.  I don’t know why, but that made sense to me.  All this time, I would just launch into a diet only to fail.

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