Let Me Lose Belly Fat And Let Me Dance

Things are different now.  I got help from some very important people.  I told my family and friends that I was so depressed about my weight and I needed to take some drastic steps to change.

My family and friends couldn’t have been more supportive.  Their encouragement gave me the motivation to be accountable for my actions.

As I dug my way out of my depression, I started feeling better about my chances to lose weight the right way.  You can follow the simple path I took in the video below.

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For your reference, the Glycemic Index measures the impact carbohydrate foods have on your blood sugar level. 

Fruits and vegetables have a low glycemic score because they do not cause major spikes in your sugar levels like junk food does.

It is also worth noting that foods that consist primarily of protein (meat and fish) will not be listed on the Glycemic Index.

You can achieve your goals to become a “Dancing With the Stars” legend when you fix your depression first and then focus on weight loss second.  There won’t be anymore worrying about “Let Me Lose Weight” either.

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