Lose 10% Body Weight For PCOS Pregnancy

It is very important to find out what is the best metabolic syndrome diet your physician recommends:

  • You may not know what to ask, but you should be able to tell the doctor what you are frustrated with.
  • If you aren’t satisfied, get a second opinion…it can be the difference between having a baby or not.  Don’t forget, doctors make mistakes too!

Giving into your spouse is probably one of the biggest mistakes you make when it comes to losing weight and having a safe pregnancy…

  • There are plenty of foods to avoid when pregnant, so don’t give in to your spouse!
  • Your spouse may hate the idea of eating healthy.  But, you have to be honest with yourself.
  • Do you want to get pregnant?
  • Does your husband want children?  It seems simple, doesn’t it?
  • The problem is logic is usually thrown out the window when it comes to food choices.


Why is it every time you go on a diet you always have this incredible urge to raid the kitchen when you’re on a diet? 

Be strong, think baby!

How To Reduce Body Fat Female

Eating healthy is a simple decision to make.  Either you do it or you don’t.  The same holds true for exercise.  Numerous studies have proven exercise helps lower belly fat

 If you lose 5-10% of your weight you dramatically improve your odds of ovulating…

This is great news because it improves your chance of having a baby too!

Doing nothing is also a mistake.  You may be scared or frustrated, but you have 2 very simple options that can help get you on the right track.

  • That’s right, a healthy diet and exercise will give you the boost you need to have a safe pregnancy.  Nothing fancy just a little determination will do.
  • Heck, even eating a good breakfast to lose weight will improve your odds dramatically.  How simple is that?

And finally getting your tubes tied is the most drastic thing you could do.

  • If your doctor recommends this, a gigantic red light should be going off in your head.
  • If you’ve discussed this with other doctors and they say the same thing, that’s one thing, but if only one doctor says it, be very cautious!
  • You always have options.  Get on discussion groups and ask for help
  • Chances are other women just like you have had the same problem.
  • They may have great recommendations that can work for you.

You deserve to have a family like anyone else.  If you are concerned about how to reduce body fat and PCOS symptoms, please sign up for your FREE 20-minute phone consultation by filling in your name and email in the box in the upper right-hand corner of this screen.

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