Healthy Snacks, Pesticides & Weight Loss

Focus On Eating Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss To Reduce Your Exposure To Pesticides In Foods

Do you know what the unofficial definition of “JUNK FOOD” is?  It is processed foods that are high in calories , sugar, fat, sodium and low in nutrients.

In a study on 11,247 overweight and obese people in Australia, the authors concluded:

“The combination of diabetes and impaired health is associated with substantially higher cardiovascular deaths, especially among people with diabetes.”

Based on this study, the best foods for diabetics should definitely include healthy snacks for weight loss.  Transitioning to healthy foods will be a big challenge for most people.

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Replacing potato chips, cake products, candy bars and fried fast food is one of the first places to start to reduce body fat percentage.  There is a two-fold reason for doing this:

  • Wean yourself off of junk food
  • Eliminate the amount of pesticides in foods you are consuming

You probably love snacks so it will be a real challenge to lose weight naturally and fast until you start thinking about eating healthy snacks for weight loss.

What are the pesticides in foods doing to you?  They’re sabotaging your ability to lose weight and be healthy that’s what…

This won’t be a problem you can solve quickly until you understand exactly what you are eating.  The best thing you can do to understand your eating habits is to:

Healthy snacks for weight loss

Your journal entries should include:

  • What you’re eating
  • The amount you’re eating
  • The time of the day you are eating junk food
  • What was your emotional state
  • Were you really hungry or you just thought you were

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